Scalado Creates Time Traveling Camera Apps

    I don’t know what to say, other than that this Swedish company does magic for smartphone photos. Scalado has come out with a new photo app called Remove that helps with the annoying problem of busy locals and tourists filling up you photos, when you just want your picture taken in front of that famous thing. With the app, you basically let the camera film for a couple seconds, and then the app is able to take out all moving objects just with a tap on the screen. It’s like photoshop for your Android device. But that’s not all up their sleeve– Scalado released another app last year that also uses time to get the best exposure:

    The company has another application called Rewind that helps you get the perfect group shot. Again, you sort of film your targets for a few seconds, and then are able to individually scroll through the faces of each person in the picture to find the best picture for each person. The phone is then able to mash them together.

    While these apps are pretty cool, now unfortunately I have to let you down. The company has no plans to release this technology to consumers, but it should be baked into some manufacturer’s phones in the next 3-12 months. All these applications are pretty resource intensive, but should be a great feature for any new high-end phone.

    Two video of Remove and Rewind are below, and are well worth checking out: