Aspiro Signs Deal With Google's Widevine DRM

    The whitelabel media streaming service, Aspiro, has signed a deal with Google’s Widevine DRM for studio approved DRM-solutions for Video OTT-services. The Norwegian company runs the music streaming service WiMP, as well as provide TV and music streaming services for partners who wish to put their own branding on a streaming service. This new deal will allow Aspiro’s partners, which include Hi3G, Telnor, Netcom, and Deutsche Telecom, to easily stream protected movies and TV shows to nearly any device. This comes as good news for media companies, as it seems the streaming services are used mostly for sports broadcasts.

    Video Service subscribers can now watch videos protected by Widevine on their Mobiles, Tablets, STBs or Laptops with various OS and browsers. The list also includes gaming consoles, connected TVs, and other devices. With this agreement, Aspiro is also certified as a DRM implementation partner, fully able to help out any partner that wants to setup Widevine DRM onto their own local TV/VoD platforms.

    Widevine’s DRM solutions are used by the largest media companies, such as Warner Bros, VUDU, Netflix, YouTube video hosting and by the major IPTV operators to protect streamed and downloaded digital content against illegal copying. In 2010, Widevine was acquired by Google.