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California-­based Karma Automotive has launched its new  high-­end, luxury plug-­in hybrid, the Karma Revero, with a digital cockpit created using Finnish startup Rightware’s software.

Karma Revero’s digital cockpit  consists of two parts – a fully digital instrument cluster and a high-­resolution infotainment system. Karma Automotive (Karma), formerly known as Fisker Automotive, is a pioneer in high-­end, luxury hybrid cars. It has produced its cars also in Uusikaupunki in Finland.



“Our vision at Karma Automotive is to inspire. We strive for timeless designs and use the latest and best technology in order to create a distinct experience that forms an emotional connection between the driver and the brand. The digital cluster and infotainment system play a major role in creating this connection,” says David Witt, UX + HMI Design Manager  from  Karma  Automotive.

Rightware has raised $9.5 million over the years from investors including Nexit and Inventure.


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