F1 star Mika Salo joins Toroidion

Formula1 racing star Mika Salo joins the Finnish supercar startup Toroidion, the firm said at an event in Helsinki on Wednesday.

Salo will have two roles in the company which aims to build the first electric car to participate in the Le Mans 24h race. Salo acts as an investor, as well as he will be joining the development team to take the concept-car 1MW to the tracks.

Toroidion is a Finnish startup that focuses on three business areas: Super Car 1MW, electric motors and its “revolutionary” battery system ‘Powertrain’.


The fully electric 1MW produces the power of 1000kw (1341hp) and accelerates 0-200km/h in 4.9 seconds – the car will be offered to B2C clients as well as developed for racing. However, the B2B focus of the company lies on a new electric motor design, coupled with a revolutionary battery system, where the battery block is not a fixed part of the car, but it is interchangeable. That allows to re-power in a matter of seconds. Toroidion says it is the only manufacturer at the moment able to do this and ready to go to production.

Toroidion is currently in the process of closing the series A investment round.