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How Smart Your Doorbell Really Needs To Be?

FlexiBell enables opening your door with one phonecall anywhere anytime.

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Tallinn-based startup FlexiBell unveiled its smart home solution this week. The simple device for your door or gate works with any phone on the market – and to use it, you won’t need Wifi network, meters and meters of wiring or even a smartphone.

“We wanted to create the most easy-to-use doorbell ever,” says Indrek Hirvlaan, the founder of Flexibell. Hirvlaan got the idea for the device when his own doorbell didn’t work for a while three years ago.

“My friends gave me feedback, that what’s the use of the doorbell if you never hear it and we always have to call you anyway,” he laughs.

To tackle the problem, Hirvlaan started to make research online, and he found out there’s nothing that would fit to his own needs on the market. That’s how he decided to start developing the most smart and secure doorbell that anyone could use – no matter how tech-savvy the user is.

No App – No Keys

FlexiBell is a great addition to any smart-lock on the market including gate automation systems – so one doesn’t need any separate remote control or keys to let friends, Airbnb guests, clients or service personnel like cleaner or gardener to get in even when you’re away.

When a visitor presses the button – which looks like a regular doorbell – the user receives a call and is able to talk to them on the phone, and is able to release the gate or door to let them in. The user also gets notifications when the door or gate is opened, and FlexiBell alerts on unauthorised actions.

The application-free solution is perfectly secure, says Hirvlaan. The system enables the user to identify anyone before letting them in remotely without camera, cloud service or personal information being shared.

“Most of our competitors such as for instance Ring and DoorBird are using apps that require a data connection to work, and we lean on phone calls. Hacking a phone call is much more difficult so I would say we’re the most secure solution on the market,” states Hirvlaan and describes that their solution can be used even with a landline phone.

FlexiBell’s solution brings an interesting product to the market that has been pretty stable for the past 15 years – but has been getting ‘smarter’ within the past few years. Durability, affordability, security and simplicity as the key elements, the team with 15 years of experience in electronics R&D plans to develop next similar solutions for apartment buildings and offices.

“As one of my colleagues asks sometimes – How smart your doorbell really needs to be?” Hirvlaan continues.

Well this one basically needs only a SIM card to work.

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