Pocketfilm Funded To Create Entertainment On Smartphones, Social Media

Pocketfilm out of Sweden is leveraging smartphones, e-readers, and social media for a novel distribution of content. Video and TV shows are a standard way to get entertained on smartphones, but rather than copying the one-way-stream TV format, Pocketfilm’s content pops up where users already are hanging out online.

The characters that would make up Pocketfilms’ fictional world would all have their own stories and would live on social media, allowing additional content to be found on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Pocketfilm has announce it has received an investment from Almi Invest, although the size of the round was not discussed.

The length of each episode are not given explicitly, but say they are suitable for situations where you want something easy to watch, such as on the bus, train, or in the waiting room. Nothing is live yet, but Pocketfilm is positioning itself as a venue for professional filmmakers or whomever wishes to produce television with creative freedom and short lead times. Revenue back to the producers comes from sponsorships, product placement, and relevant ads.

This new format looks interesting to filmmakers and writers for its more continuous suggestion to broadcast content. When we watch TV shows, no one wants to wait a week again for a long plot arc to continue. And updates from your favorite characters mixed into updates from your friends only adds to the realness of the drama.

The amount of the investment was not disclosed, although Almi claims its standard initial investment is in the Skr 2-4 million (€230,000-450,000) range.