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Graduateland: An Employer's Experience

Editor’s note: This article is part of a series of sponsored posts for Graduateland as part of winning the popular vote of the Arctic15 conference.

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To get a good feel for how Graduateland has worked for employers, we spoke with Bo Eriksen, CEO and co-founder of Trendsales.dk — Denmark’s largest online auction site for over 100 different categories of designer goods, including clothes, accessories, designer furniture, and more.

Trendsales.dk hopped on the Graduateland train early, only one or two days after its launch. “We bought the “Job exposure – Basis” promotion package,” Eriksen says. “It was worthwhile and I would definetly pay for promotion again the next time. Typically we have very short application windows so we need to get a rather big burst in a short time frame.”

Eriksen tells us that putting their ad on the network was satisfying and they didn’t meet any obstacles.  Despite just launching, Graduateland was able to give Trendsales quick access to recent university graduates at the quality and level of talent they were looking for.

“Actually we instantly got applications. We also had to ask Careergate to take off the job advert after 3 weeks because we got around 40 applications whereof a lot of them very spot on. We had a somewhat very specific job ad because we searched for international students from either Germany or Switzerland,” Eriksen tells us.

Here Trendsales was using one of Graduateland’s premium features, which helped with the timeframe they were looking for. But even without a job exposure package, employers on Graduateland have access to a huge pool or recently graduated students in Europe, especially since their job board solution for universities has been integrated into schools such as the Copenhagen Business School.

For more information on how to leverage Graduateland for your next candidate search, read the product overview for employers, or contact Graduateland directly.

This article is part of a series of sponsored posts for Graduateland as a prize for winning the popular vote at the Arctic15

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