Tradeshift Builds Cloudscan To Get Suppliers E-Invoicing

    Denmark’s Tradeshift is moving businesses to the clear future by providing electronic invoicing services, but many suppliers still take care of invoicing by sending a PDF or email, which is a burden to businesses that have moved completely to e-invoicing.

    With Cloudscan, a new service offered by Tradeshift, businesses are given a unique email address where invoices should be sent. After an invoice is sent to the email to the address, it is automatically converted to an editable e-invoice and is sent back to the supplier for verification.

    Information unique to the supplier is saved, so it does not need to be repeated the next time the supplier uses the service. Tradeshift believes that this solution removes the barriers of suppliers delivering real electronic invoices, and is a good nudge to get suppliers on the Tradeshift network.

    The company has already made electronic invoicing accessible by becoming the first provider to offer e-invoicing entirely free to suppliers and SMEs. Based on the concept that a successful e-invoicing strategy relies on as many suppliers using the service as possible, Tradeshift CloudScan is also working on tearing down yet another barrier to adoption.

    Find out more about Cloudscan via Google Hangout this evening from 15.00 – 16.00 GMT.