Over €1M raised by Norwegian social media platform for musicians

Stavanger-based MelodyPipe is a platform that makes it easy to meet other players in the industry, build teams, show off and book gigs. The startup has announced raising a 12M NOK round, around €1,2M.

I am a musician myself and have faced the challenges we want to solve for other musicians around the world. Network, talent and money are three of the most important factors needed to succeed, and we believe MelodyPipe can help musicians with this, says co-founder and CEO, Jesper Ugland.

Ugland explains that it is a social media platform, comparable to a mix of Linkedin and AirBnB for the music industry. There you can find peers as musicians, book gigs and build a network with key players in the industry. There is no shortage of social media, but no one is tailored to musicians, he says.

Among the investors we find the CEO of drilling company Dolphin Drilling, Bjørnar Iversen who invested NOK 350K. Iversen  says ” Technology is what drives us forward. After booking artists for concerts for several years, I really see the need and potential for a product like MelodyPipe, and therefore wanted to invest in the company” “It is also incredibly fun to join a journey with young, inspired entrepreneurs with a passion for what they do” he adds.

MelodyPipe has no revenue so far, but CEO Ugland says that they will invest in a revenue model that combines expanded product range, premium products for users with extra features and advertising sales.