Swedish Kale United acquires vegan meal kit service

Kale United is growing after the acquisition of the business for the plant-based meal kit service Enkla Kassen. Their plan includes a rapid Swedish expansion followed by an imminent internationalization.

After evaluating all players in the meal kit market, Kale United decided that Enkla Kassen was the supplier that best met their expectations for sustainable business development, values ​​and customer base. With Enkla Kassen’s focus on easy to make, everyday plant-based food and smart logistics chains, the company has great growth potential and good opportunities to expand globally. Enkla Kassen joins Kale United’s corporate portfolio, which includes companies such as Bärta, Astrid & Aporna, Mycorena, Heura Foods and more.

Johannes Källgren, founder of Enkla Kassen says “Our goal has always been to simplify the plant-based choice. Now we have taken Enkla Kassen to a place where we are ready to grow in Sweden and abroad. We have so far helped about 0.1% of Sweden’s population to eat more plant-based in everyday life and we see a positive trend in Sweden where more people eat more sustainably. But the transition needs to go much faster to reach the goal of limiting the planet’s warming to + 1.5 ° C. That is where Kale United enters as a new owner and business developer, being completely in line with our ambition “, 

The grocery sector saw major changes in customer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic when most people avoided shopping in physical stores. It is an accelerated development that has led to more people discovering the benefits of meal kit delivery services. Combined with the ever-increasing demand for sustainable and plant-based foods, the acquisition of Enkla Kassen makes it an obvious choice for Kale United.

“Our completely plant-based portfolio has made an enormous journey since the start in 2018. Enkla Kassen is an important step for us and our shareholders “, says Måns Ullerstam, founder of Kale United. 

Kale United has shares in several plant-based companies, for example, Oatly and Beyond Meat. Måns Ullerstam believes that many of the portfolio companies can benefit from each other.“Approximately ten companies in our portfolio have products that we take to Scandinavia from different parts of the world, i.e. that we are a distributor for here at home. Many of these products should be in Enkla Kassen “, he says.