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Danish OceanPass acquired by Weilbach, paving the way for streamlined emissions reporting in maritime industry

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OceanPass, a Copenhagen-based maritime tech company specializing in emissions reporting for the maritime industry, has been acquired by maritime navigation software company Weilbach, with Weilbach purchasing a 51% stake in the startup. This acquisition will lead to the integration of OceanPass’s emissions reporting system into Weilbach’s OneLog digital logbook offering. As a result, ship operators will be able to streamline their emissions reporting process, gaining access to a comprehensive overview of key indexes such as CII, EEXI, EEOI, AER, Poseidon, and Sea Charter, all centralized within OneLog. The move aligns with Weilbach’s mission to enhance shipping efficiency and safety through its software solutions, extending its range of services in the maritime industry.

OceanPass specializes in delivering simple emissions reports on a quarterly basis, offering a comprehensive overview of indexes such as CII, EEXI, EEOI, AER, Poseidon, and Sea Charter, with all data collected in one place acting as a continuous source of insight. Weilbach, on the other hand, specializes in providing nautical charts, publications, and digital solutions to the maritime industry, aiming to make shipping more efficient, safer, and faster. They offer a wide range of services and products, including electronic and paper charts, software, data, and nautical instruments and publications.

Martin Mikkelsen, Director of Business Development at Weilbach and new CEO of OceanPass says, “This is a large step for Weilbach to become a leading provider for emission reporting. Together with the unique service OceanPass have and our Wendis OneLog we can offer a larger range of services in one platform.”

Christian Bonfils CEO at Copenhagen Commercial Platform and seller says, “We are very pleased to welcome Weilbach as a majority partner, Weilbach have an impressive history and are now leading in digital maritime solutions. They are the right partner for us and the ambitions we have to make OceanPass a leading standard for emission reporting.”

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