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Nordic CrowdFunding is Picking Up Speed While Going International

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to alert you to the crowdfunding options in the region. Research before investing – early stage companies are high risk.

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With the jobs act hitting the switch earlier this month, equity crowdfunding has been a rather hot topic of discussion and we have some great news from our local equity crowdfunding partners – Invesdor and FundedByMe.

Invesdor just announced an important milestone, as they reached one million euro mark across their companies. In addition to that, the amount invested in the platform seems to be accelerating rather quickly with a recent near €300 000 investment into the Finnish accessories company – gTIE, over €130 000 into Supplio and Acema gaining about 48% of their goal despite another 63 days left on the campaign.

FundedByMe is also reporting very interesting news, specifically that they have now confirmed their first investor from Spain into the Swedish Eggs Inc. This shows that equity crowdfunding in Europe is quickly becoming cross-national. The company reached out to Javier Latorre to find out more about the reasons for choosing to invest into a Swedish company and you can read the full interview here.

There are a lot of companies that are definitely worth your attention on Invesdor and FundedByMe and here are a few examples:

With recent records by Invesdor, we are curious to see what other companies are going to be able to pull off on the platform and there are some new ones that we have not talked about before.

Mobimus, a startup that only recently joined the Invesdor platform is aiming to disrupt the accounting and property markets by offering information and customer interaction platforms through Tallier.Info and Taloyhtio.Info. They already have over 100 paying customers and are looking for €300 000 in funding, oh and they have a really great pitch video that you should check out here.

We have covered Acema in our previous crowdfunding overview, but seriously – Roomba for golf courses? Understandable business model and a clear path to monetization? Even if you are not an investor, this one will be fun to check out. Since the last coverage, they have raised over €120 000, so if you don’t want to stay behind – check their pitch out here.

Mining gold, as you can imagine is a pretty good business. Now, what if you could do just that without actually buying a multi-billion euro mine and the necessary, permits and equipment? This is basically what GA90 is trying to achieve through collecting scrap electronics such as mobile phones and battery waste. They plan to get them from Africa and deliver to Finnish customers for recycling. They have already gathered almost 40% of the necessary funding and you can join the gold digging company here.

Fundedbyme is also making a lot of progress with their companies and are looking to quickly expand internationally. They have also made adjustments to the site, where you can now easily invest into either reward-based or equity-based companies. As to the actual companies, you can check out a few below: 

One of the newer companies on the platform is Remente, an online gym for your brain. Personally, I have been looking for something like this for a while and we use Chess at the office as an alternative. However it is great to see that somebody is trying to make a full-blown program to help train your brain in a number of different ways. Remente has an impressive list of co-founders, including Andwers Hallin, one of the first Skype employees and former Stardoll executive, David Brudö, co-founder of Fyndiq and Idriz Zogaj, founder of the Swedish Memory Association and the captain of the Swedish Memory Team. Suffice to say, the brand is in good hands and we are curious to see where they go. To invest, go here.

A healthy fast-food solution should definitely ring some investment bells. Especially when the main ingredient is an easily accessible and affordable egg. Everybody likes eggs and the Swedish Eggs Inc is aiming to bring this to market using a variety of flexible business models. For instance they can function as a restaurant that is open all day or alternatively they can also “move in” into restaurants and pubs that only normally open in the evening and thus make it a more profitable solution for everyone. It is definitely a cool idea and you can check out the full pitch here , which already attracted over 70 investors.

Finally there is the Finnish Lastu is in an open round and has 13 days to go. If you still have not heard of the company, they make amazing high-quality wooden accessories for mobile phones and tables. The company uses wood which can be as thin as 0.54mm, they even made a wooden iPhone home button, which is kinda impressive. They have already raised over €80 000 and are giving away 20% of the company, so this is an excellent opportunity to invest into “nature-tech”, which you can do here.

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