Helsinki and Stockholm on Wired's Top 100 Startups List

    Wired UK’s next issue focuses on the top ten startup capitals in Europe, and lists ten of the hottest startups from each city. Helsinki and Stockholm were selected out of our region, and we feel they’ve done a fair enough job.

    You can read the Helsinki and Stockholm breakdown here.

    Here’s their list, with links to our (AS) coverage of the startups. Pick up the issue when it hits stores!

    In Helsinki, they list:

    1. Holvi – (AS)
    2. Jolla – (AS)
    3. Kippt – (AS)

    And in the “Ones to watch” section:
    4. Grand Cru – (AS)
    5. Supercell – (AS)
    6. ProtoGeo (Moves app) – (AS)
    7. Scarlet Motors – (AS)
    8. Walkbase – (AS)
    9. Zen Robotics – (AS)
    10. Indoor atlas – (AS) Update: One of our readers correctly pointed out that Indoor Atlas is from Oulu. We will take it up with Wired UK.

    1. Memoto (now Narrative) – (AS)
    2. Tictail – (AS)
    3. Osom – (AS)

    “Ones to watch”
    4. Shotbox – (AS)
    5. Instabridge – (AS)
    6. Magine – (AS)
    7. 13th Lab – (AS)
    8. FundedByMe – (AS)
    9. BioLamina
    10. ShapeUp Club – (AS)

    We do have a few questions about the rankings, but we would love to hear your thoughts on them. So feel free to comment under the article, on Facebook or tweet to us to let us know if you agree or not.