Send in your Office Pics!

    We’ve been lucky at ArcticStartup to be able to visit a number of startup offices across the Nordics and Baltics, and it’s always interesting to see what the vibe is in each one. From crazy analytics dashboards taking over a wall, to clean nordic design, to early 90’s furniture, it’s always interesting to check out.

    Some go above and beyond the call of duty, for instance, ArcticStartup co-founder Antti Vilpponen moved up in the world to Upcloud, where those jerks have Sega Rally, a pool table, and a champagne bar in their office. Supercell’s office was fun to check out as well, with big SUPERCELL letters down the hallway, and a ball pit. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Tictail’s, but it’s what you would expect from trendy Swedish hackers.

    That’s the upper end, but there’s also something to be said about a hot mess of startup squalor with papers, cables, and RedBull cans littered everywhere. Whatever you office’s vibe is, the world deserves to see it. No matter if you’re one person in the home office, or an established startup with €5 million in funding, take 15 minutes today and send some pics to us!

    The format:

    If you’re from one of the Nordic or Baltic countries, send us a few pics (or a video tour?) of your office to editor (åt) Feel free to say whatever you want about the pictures, and if there are people in the pic, you should call them out. Bonus points if you give us a team picture as well – you’ve been meaning to take one for ages anyway, and it will be a fun picture to point back to when you IPO (think that Microsoft in 1978 group shot). Also so we know what you’re working on, give us the quick pitch of your startup, and feel free to include your address so we can Google Maps your location in the post.

    Here are a few optional questions:

    What makes your office ‘your office’?

    How do you think your office best facilitates your team’s work flow?

    What are the top three most repeated phrases?

    Shoes on or shoes off?