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NORDEEP Summit 2023: Where Business Meets Tech and Science

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Espoo, Finland – June 15, 2023 – ArcticStartup Events is thrilled to announce NORDEEP Summit 2023, the world’s leading deep tech business summit, scheduled to take place on October 11–12 in Espoo, Finland. This groundbreaking summit will once again gather deep tech startups, investors, industry, academia, and thought leaders from the New Nordics and around the globe in the “City of Deep Tech” to foster the innovations that will solve the biggest challenges of humanity. 

The first edition of NORDEEP Summit, held in 2022, was a resounding success. Over 650 attendees from 20 countries converged for two days of engaging sessions and discussions, resulting in more than 5000 one-on-one meetings. By creating a conducive environment for collaboration and innovation, NORDEEP Summit empowers deep tech entrepreneurs and accelerates the scaling and commercialization of science and research from world’s leading universities and research centers in the Nordic and Baltic region. 

“As a humanity, we are still facing many global level challenges. We need big solutions, solutions that take a lot of time and money before making a real impact and changing our world. Nordics is a true hotspot for great innovations coming out of top-notch science and research institutions, and the real challenge is how to get those new innovations out to the market faster. And regardless of the technologies used, human collaboration is always the key to success. Last year’s first edition of NORDEEP Summit really resonated with the key stakeholders and was a great success, so we are really excited to bring it back and extend the Summit and the impact of it to the next level this year,” says Jan Ameri, Executive Chairman at ArcticStartup.

NORDEEP Summit 2023 will feature an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and pitch sessions designed to offer deep insights into the latest trends, innovations, and investment opportunities in the deep tech sector. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and discover new avenues for growth and collaboration. 

We invite entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, corporate representatives, and stakeholders from all corners of the globe to join NORDEEP Summit 2023 in Espoo, Finland. Attendees can expect two days filled with unparalleled networking opportunities, engaging discussions, and valuable insights that will shape the future of deep tech and spur the innovations that will solve humanity’s most pressing challenges. 

“The City of Espoo and our community in Otaniemi, Espoo, offer a wide range of top-ranking scientific, creative, design, AI and commercial capabilities, with a strong focus on spearheading deep tech development. Deep tech is often set apart by its profound enabling power, the differentiation it can create, and its potential to catalyse change. The greater Otaniemi area is the world’s leading epicentre of systemic cross-disciplinary innovation. We believe in accelerating a new breed of innovation to tackle the most significant challenges of our times — the climate crisis, nature loss, and inequality. Therefore, we are happy to host NORDEEP Summit in the heart of our community at Dipoli in Espoo for the second time and enable bringing together funding, expertise, clients and talent to accelerate the growth of the next generation of unicorns,” states Harri Paananen, Director of Economic Development, City of Espoo.

“Turning the scientific and technological understanding into solutions for the planet requires a right combination of dedicated people with also design thinking and understanding of business creation in the team. Aalto is constantly educating talent in all these disciplines to become future game changers. I think that here in Otaniemi we have excellent scientists with high diversity, super active students and lively network of stakeholders to promote innovations. The ecosystem in the Otaniemi-Keilaniemi area with Aalto, VTT and nearly 2000 companies in the neighborhood is the perfect place to start developing world-changing business solution based on deep tech. Therefore it is fair to say that Espoo Otaniemi is THE place to organize the NORDEEP Summit 2023,” says Janne Laine, Vice President for Innovation at Aalto University.

For more information about NORDEEP and to register for the summit, please visit www.nordeep.com

About NORDEEP Summit

NORDEEP Summit is the world’s leading deep tech business summit, dedicated to fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and accelerating the scaling and commercialization of research and science. By bringing together startups, investors, experts, and clients, NORDEEP Summit creates an ecosystem that enables deep tech entrepreneurs to tackle humanity’s most pressing problems. With its commitment to quality networking, NORDEEP Summit facilitates meaningful business relationships and delivers real returns on investment.

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