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Meet the Demo'ians: Part 2

Here’s round two of the Demo’ians: five more startups that are spreading the word about their companies to everyone at Arctic15.


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Have you wished that you could just press a button to take care of some trivial task that you have to do hundreds of times a day? With bt.tn, one of the five startups that launched today on the main stage, you now can. They provide the “simplest internet user interface in the world” in the form of a button that you can program to do any number of things. It’s easily configurable, wireless, and interactive. As they explained during their pitch, “Consumers can use the buttons to create their own magic”–like ordering a pizza at the touch of a button–and “businesses can make branded buttons to let their customers order their company’s services” quickly and easily. You can pre-order them now for 69€.

Aside from coming to Arctic15 to launch their product, they’re also here to raise 4 million euros in funding to take their product to international markets.

Wanna Wanna Wanna

Coming from Lithuania, Wanna Wanna Wanna offers “hand-picked hotels and seductive rates” and aims to bring together the two worlds of booking sites and discount/deal sites. Focused on spas/hotels and holiday packages, the company has already made good progress in Lithuania and is now looking to expand east. With the funding they hope to soon raise, they’ll head to the Russian market, where they’re already working on generating leads and contacts. They’re ready to make the step, but need more money to do so.

When explaining why they decided to make the trek to Finland to attend Arctic15, Diana Subelko, the CEO and Founder, explained that the conference fit their timing and target investors perfectly: “We started to look for investment and this event was at the right time and place.”


If you’ve been keeping up with musician education apps and games lately, chances are you’ve come across Ovelin, the company behind GuitarBots and WildChords. At Arctic15 they’ve arrived as yousician, a guitar learning game similar to GuitarBots, but with a completely updated look. Why the change? For some of the more seasoned guitar players, the look of GuitarBots was hard to take seriously. With Yousician though, the problem is solved: the service provides the same addictive learning tools, but with a look that has a wider appeal. Yousician believes that everyone has a musician inside, and everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument: their new game provides just that opportunity.

With plenty of success already, the team from yousician is attending Arctic15 to show the startup community in Helsinki that they’re rebranding. They’re also here searching for potential hires, so if you have marketing or engineering chops and want to join a great team, you should get in touch with them.


Foodiac provides a platform for people to hire the top chefs in Finland to come cater private events and parties. As we mentioned earlier, they helped us bring together some amazing cuisine at Arctic15. Unlike conventional catering services, Foodiac provides access to a community of chefs whose food you’d normally have to go to a restaurant to try. Now you can bring all of that goodness into your home, work space, or event. Although the service is currently only available in Finland, they are looking to expand next year to London, Stockholm, and Oslo.

They’re attending Arctic15 to meet potential investors and raise 50,000-100,000€ in funding. That money will go toward building up their platform and beginning their expansion outside of Finland.


Just yesterday we ran an article on Hobbydeed that you can read here. In brief, it’s a shared calendar platform from Finland that serves as a communication tool to keep groups of people organized and on the same page. For example, imagine you have three kids who each play different sports: with Hobbydeed, you can keep track of their practices, their matches, who’s picking up who and at what time, and use the service for direct communication with everyone you’d need to be in touch with.

They came to Arctic15 with hopes to make more connections and gain visibility on the investor side. They’re currently looking for 500,000€, which they’ll use to expand to other countries in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Ben Norris is the Founder / CEO of The Peddle, a Helsinki-based company that provides native English language services to startups across the Nordic and Baltic regions. He moonlights as a contributor to ArcticStartup.

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