Meet even more Demo'ians – Part 3

    We’re overflowing with amazing start ups here in Arctic15 and the task of profiling as many of the wonderful demo booth holders as we can may seem daunting to some. Not to our writing team however! It’s time to check out some more of the great teams that have gathered here.


    Congratulations to MeeTheChef on slipping through Arctic Startup’s rigorous editorial process and forcing themselves upon our pages. This start up is not Scandinavian or from the Baltics, and they aren’t even directly interested in our markets. No, this Israeli start up is looking to enter the New York scene and is here at Arctic15 having won their demo booth in a competition and are on the hunt for investment.

    Designed to be a social marketplace for foodies, MeeTheChef have created a platform that can connect chefs and wanna be chefs with foodies who love to eat, and love to sample the best human hands can create. Take part in tournaments, share recipes and tips, rate the best meals and follow your favourite chefs. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m kind of upset it’s going to America first.


    Stramos are here wowing the conference audience and showing off their LED cube, which you might have seen some of the attendees tweeting about under the #arctic15 hashtag. They design and build LED digital signage to make companies stand out from their competitors at all sorts of events, after all everyone has a flat screen in their booth these days. To catch people’s attention you need something new, and that’s what Stramos are looking to provide.

    They’re here at Arctic15 to show themselves off and generate interest in their product. They’ve spent a long time in development and now they’re ready to start building business relationships, attract customers, and seek investment to expand production and reach.

    Norest Co

    Hidden at a deceptively simple booth we found Tommi Harju, CEO of Norest Co, relaxing and enjoying the conference. His signage and company name didn’t really explain what Norest did, but once we found out we began to get really excited. Quite simply he and his team help companies reach markets in other countries, at this time specifically Spain and the Latin American Spanish speaking countries.

    He’s here to let people know what his company can do for so many other businesses here. So many people look to the USA to expand, but rarely is the Spanish speaking world considered even though it can be easily and cheaply reached with the right connections, connections Tommi assures us he and his team have. He said he’s keeping an eye out for products or services that could fit that market, so if he taps you on the shoulder, hear him out. You never know the amount of business he might bring you.


    We’ve written about GoWorkABit previously and it’s a pleasure to see them here at Arctic15 connecting with attendees and promoting their platform. For those who haven’t heard of them, they boast that they provide the fastest B2B (Business to Business) staffing platform for local short term jobs. Check out this linked article for our previous coverage of them.

    They have a very specific target for their time here at Arctic15, to meet with investors and raise 300,000€. They even know exactly how they’d spend the money and have set themselves 5 milestones to be achieved in the next 12 months. To be in the Estonian, Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian markets; develop an app for all mobile platforms; hire staff in sales, marketing and development; create a fully automated web app; and reach a figure of 100,000€ monthly revenue by the end of 2014.