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Meet the Arctic15 Demo'ians – Part 1

Here at Arctic15 we’ve got a great bunch of start ups showing off their products and services, and it wouldn’t be fair to ignore them amongst all the excitement that our line up of speakers brings to the table. So over a series of articles prepare to meet the Demo’ians, some of the finest start ups around.


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These guys have built a social decision making platform. They describe their mission as one to ‘reinvent decision making’ and believe that their cloud solution will increase collaboration, transparency, buy-in and accountability for stakeholders. FingerTip aim to achieve this by involving all parties in a clear process that tracks a company decision from inception to execution.

They have come to Arctic15 to meet potential customers, get their name out there and known amongst the Finnish start up community, and are looking for investment to take their platform global.

Donate IT

Hailing from Estonia this is a team championing a very worthy cause, to increase levels of blood donation across the world. They have built a social, communications channel that connects blood collection centres with blood donors. CTO and Founder Renna Reemet said that their aim is to “raise awareness and make it social”, referring to donating blood of course.

Here at Arctic15 they are looking to make connections. To take their service to the next level they need to know how to adapt their system to meet the differing needs and requirements of every country. It’s big challenge, but one they have chosen to take on.

UV Technologies

According to a Business Insider article the amount of home appliances that will be internet enabled is expected to grow from 1.9 billion units to around 9 billion by 2018. The recent Snowdon revelations, and the general concern there has always been in regards to the safety devices connected to the Internet, means that the need for secure systems has never been higher. UV Technologies has seen this business opportunity and aim to position themselves as the securer of the Internet of Things.

While their main reason for attending Arctic15 is to expand their current investment pool by a further 500,000€ they also mentioned how they have come here open minded, ready to see what else is happening in the industry, and learn and compare business strategies with the best and brightest from Finland and beyond.


AppGyver are at Arctic15 showing off their two products, Composer and Steroids. The first is a visual editor for creating apps, and the second does the same but by utilising command-line tools. The two are also highly compatible, and designed to be, so simple creation can be done quickly in the visual editor, and then when there are specialist components that need to be built the command-line editor has you covered.

Their purpose here is simple, to get the word out. They’ve developed the products, they’ve raised the seed capital, and now they are ready to sell to the world. Well currently Composer is still in beta, but it’s free to use and so is the basic level of Steroids, and you can’t say better than free. Like Steroids Composer will probably have paid tiers with additional support and features once it leaves beta, but the AppGyver team intend to keep a basic free version available as well.

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