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Interested To Work At A Startup? Join One At CopenhagenStartups

Denmark FlagThere is nothing like being an entrepreneur. Of course that’s a bit challenging for many – especially to let go off the comfort of a monthly paycheck, but many aspire to be one. The problem is not everyone is bound to be one and even less are  bound to be successful. However, there are many people searching for jobs each spring as they leave their schools behind, be it high school or university. CopenhagenStartups is a new initiative to help people find a job at a startup, something not many might have thought to be a viable start for a career path.

It will be holding an event on the 10th of June in Copenhagen, which will be a pretty big opportunity for those interested in being a part of startups to meet the leading Danish ones in the category. These include Planely, Shape, Sortedam to name a few.

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The event is more like a talent hunt program. You can be one looking for a chance to work with a startup and register yourself. At the same time, if you own a startup you can let attendees know that you are also looking forward to recruiting as well. So it’s a mix of recruiters and job seekers alike, something that would substantially boost the growth of not just a startup but as the startup industry as whole.

CopenhagenStartups has been organized by Podio in collaboration with StartupBootCamp, Founders House and Planely.

There is a somewhat similar program initiated by the Aalto Entrepreneurship Society in Finland, in collaboration with TEKES and numerous startups called the Enternship. The program provides an opportunity for people to intern for startups during summers.

Both Enternship and CopenhagenStartups are the sort of programs needed to inculcate the right attitude of entrepreneurship amongst the youth. It will be interesting to see how this idea spreads further across regions.

You can visit CopenhagenStartups for more information.

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