Study: Tablet Users Spend More Time Web Browsing Than With Apps

Zokem_LogoThere has been quite a lot of development in the smartphone and tablet arena with the plethora of new devices making entry into the market. Not only have they evolved how we communicate and access information online, there has been a transformation how these devices have been used as well.

Think of it, when the iPhone invaded the markets it was considered to be the ultimate in mobility, and even more when Android devices made inroads. However that was just the beginning of a whole new transformation, the advent of the iPad changed a lot, at least in having the tablets flood in from all directions.

While all this is old news, there have been quite a lot of reports on the latest mobile trends. We recently shared the smartphones being the future of gaming and there has been another one. Zokem 360 Degree released the face time breakdown for app and web usage on the smartphones and the Tablets.

The stats are quite different given that tablet users prefer browsing or the Web, which accounts for 39 percent on the Tablets compared to only 15 percent on the smartphones. The difference isn’t that surprising given that smartphones usually don’t provide that great an experience when it comes to browsing the web. Of course you have got larger screen, but smartphone usage is more app centric, which is pretty well translated by 85 percent share compared to tablets where they account for 61 percent only.


That by no mean suggests that one device serves the purpose better it is more based on user preferences. Some users won’t like to carry a tablet at all, since their smartphones usually get all things done. I use my smartphone for apps, browsing, games and to be honest I don’t feel the need to own a tablet. Even if I were to own one, it would only be because netbooks already appear to clunky to carry around.

What purpose do you usually use your tablet or the smartphones?