Hi-Fi Spotify! Logitech, Spotify Deal To Stream Music Anywhere In Your Home

    Spotify has had its sets of issues with its launch in the US thanks to the demands of the leading record labels, but the free music streaming service is growing leaps and bounds in Europe. Of course it’s pointless for Spotify to boast about European success, they are at least able to leverage their lead in Europe.

    The free music streaming service successfully signed a deal with Logitech. The deal will enable users to stream their Spotify music to Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio. Both the devices utilize your in house wireless network to stream music across your home. The best bit is this is readily expandable and you can add more Squeezebox players in other parts of your house.

    Spotify in connection to this deal has released a new Spotify App which will provide users with access to over ten million songs and an immediate access to your playlists anywhere in your house. The app is available for download via Logitech’s MySqueezebox’s App site soon. However this will be for Spotify Premium subscribers [more on this as details emerge], you can check out the beta release to take this for a spin.

    News aside, I had earlier mentioned that it is better for Spotify to concentrate all its efforts in the European region. I might be wrong, but there isn’t really a point in rigging off their existing success model to step into the US, when you can make do with the same in regions like Asia. Might sound a bit irrational, but it is this market that best matches their interests without needing them to distort their model.