Lapland Studios Brings Wesley Snipes To iPhones And iPads

    Julius Styles Wesley SnipesiPad, iPhone that’s where the folks are rushing in and so must I. That is what Wesley Snipes must have had in mind when he signed up for Julius Styles: The International. The game comes from Lapland Studios, a Finnish game developer in association with Elstree Studio Productions and Red 27 Films. The release is set for June 2011 release but with Wesley Snipes as Julius Styles, expect nothing short of kicking and bullet riddled action. Oh there is some puzzle too.

    Before I further this discussion in any way, following is what Snipes has to say:

    Julius Styles will offer something for both the mind game strategist and the kick-ass special ops warrior love.

    Thank you Mr. Snipes, for the explanation and the positive butt kicking energy and we have all hopes that the game play added with a story line would not disappoint your fans and hard core gamers alike.

    I am not a hardcore gamer and usually resort to playing these when I find it impossible to sleep. But a good strategy game on a mobile platform is a good deal and with a tilt in making smartphones hardcore gaming devices, more studios are bound to step in the gaming arena. Of course loaded with the stars as well.

    Julius Styles Wesley Snipes full

    The good bit is Mr. Snipes is actively involved in the project and is putting his heart and soul. The first episode releases on June, 2011 and versions for Android, Playstation, Xbox Live will soon follow.