Angry Birds Goes Analog, Comes Out With A Board Game

    angry-birds-knock-on-woodMake addiction common and affordable if you are to reach masses. Don’t take me wrong here but this is at least what I think Angry Birds is about. The otherwise available only for iPhone, Android game was found making inroads to the board game culture, that too on a hard core tech event, the CES.

    I bet this would have taken the limelight for being simply a very analogue existence on the extremely digitized event but it isn’t all that surprising given that it’s Angry Birds from Rovio Mobile. The game developer extended its empire beyond the App Store and the Android Market to enter the Mac App Store as well as the Intel AppUp Center to enter the Mac and PC world, but it isn’t really worth reporting. I mean you already have the game on one digital platform and going beyond one to another isn’t really a big deal [given that it is your primary market]. But where’s the fun in bringing the fun and the wrath of Angry Birds on a board? There is!

    The game released by Mattel, Angry Birds: Knock on Wood will have you enjoy the true flavor of the game. A players draws a card which shows a tower that his opponent is required to build, the same card has a bird that the player uses to bring down the green pigs. And yes, that requires catapults keeping the fun alive. We have embedded a video below of the Angry Birds Board version to give a better idea on what it is like:

    The game will be available in May priced at $14.99. I guess it’s worth the price, especially if you are still far from technology or have a craze for board games.

    via Gamezebo