Gajatri Studios Receive Further Funding To Bring Yoga Retreat To Mobile Platforms

    Gajatri Studios, a Helsinki based gaming company that made the game Yoga Retreat for Facebook announced earlier this month that they have raised a new seed round of funding. The round comes from Dreadnaught Finance OY and Leena Niemistö as a private investor.

    Their first game – Yoga Retreat, allows you to build and manage your own little Yoga getaway. While at it, you will be taught many different Yoga poses as well other other aspects of Yoga. Gajatri Studios is trying to make games that are focused on well-being and inspire you to take better care of yourself and Yoga Retreat is the first game that they built with this attitude.

They have previously received investment from Mediatonic, which is a game and media investment fund that does not take any equity but instead gets a royalty agreement with the companies that they invest in.

    This time around, however, we are talking about an equity based funding. Tiina Zillicaus, the CEO of Gajatri Studios, tells us that the focus of this new round will be on brining Yoga Retreat to the iOS platform with a release date in May 2013. The game will be available both on the iPhone and an iPad and will also try to teach players real life yoga poses. The size of the round was not disclosed but Zillicaus did comment that: “the sum is six figures.”

    Unfortunately we could not get any information about how well the game was performing on Facebook but we will be looking forward to reviewing it once it comes out on iOS. From the initial sneak previews, it seems that they will be focusing on bringing self practice videos featuring in-game characters that will allow you to learn Yoga poses for yourself. To unlock the videos, you will need to play the game and build your Yoga empire. It will definitely be interesting to see how the game will try to get you off your couch and do some Yoga while still keeping you glued to the iPad/iPhone screens.