Appgyver Prototyper Adds Android & iPhone 5 To Prototyping Tool

    Helsinki-based Appgyver’s Prototyper has added Android and iPhone 5 support to their mobile app prototyping product, allowing anyone to quickly get a product up on their phone. We covered Prototyper not that long ago, where designers and developers could upload their wireframes or mockups into Appgyvers web platform, add simple buttons and native features (like a camera), and then spit out very basic app that you can show off on your phone.

    The way the app gets to your phone is pretty slick. You just have to download the Appgyver app, scan the QR code, and the app shows up nearly instantly. The process is straightforward, making it a useful tool for showing clients hypothetical apps on their own devices (even if they’re 1000s of miles away), or just for testing out your own mockups on a native device.

    The bigger picture here is that Appgyver is ramping up its cross-platform development platform built on making HTML5 apps work as fast and as seamlessly as a native app. Their end-game is to provide a complete toolset for web developers to deploy fully functional apps that can harness native features, like the Camerea, and GPS, and not feel like a HTML5 app.