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Home cleaning service platform Freska launches in Finland

Freska aims on creating an efficient market for home cleaning services in Scandinavia.

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The Co-founders of Freska – Petteri Marviala, Esa Vuolas and Sebastian Heinrichs – are excited about the constant growth of their platform launched in July.

Home cleaning services platform Freska has been launched in Finland to solve the problems of both consumers searching for reliable and easy-to-order cleaning services as well as cleaners looking for new gigs.

“It’s important for us that we build up the cleaner community based on the growing demand. We want to make sure that all our partners have enough work and our customers get cleaning on demand,” says Petteri Marviala, the Co-founder of Freska.

The online platform aims first to cover the Finnish market and then expand to other Nordic countries. Marviala says Sweden has already a more developed market for home cleaning services, but especially Denmark and Norway are interesting regions for Freska as there’s a lot of potential but little competition.

“In Denmark the household tax deduction for buying services has been removed, but it will be interesting from our perspective to see how the new parliament in the country responds to the changes made by the previous representatives. Regulations have a huge impact for our business since for instance in Finland a huge market opened when household deduction was set, tells Marviala.

A service built on trust

While providing a service that contains stepping into people’s homes, trust is the most significant factor says Sebastian Heinrichs, the Co-founder and CEO of Freska:

“The service has to be a simple, quick and easy-to-use solution – and obviously digitalisation has a great impact on the way services are provided. What we want to change is that people don’t need to ask from their peers “who would be a reliable cleaner with a flexible schedule” as they can turn to our platform’s matchmaking ability. They’ll find the right helpers no matter if they need a one time cleaning or want to book a weekly service.”

As peer-to-peer based services seem to be a game changer in many fields of business, the Finnish entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the household cleaning industry don’t believe that they would be competing with ‘Uber for cleaning services’.

“It might affect obviously in the demand, but there’s more a social aspect on P2P services. We’re concentrating on providing a professional service as a trustworthy provider.

Nevertheless, the professional cleaning services field in Finland is very fragmented as there are over 8000 actors and 5000 cleaning entrepreneurs in the market – Still Marviala estimates that it’s a business worth of hundreds of millions.

“There’s a lot of ways to make the activities more efficient on a structural level as there’s a lot of small actors working on their own and using resources for marketing and accounting for only themselves. Also transportation is a big expense both time wise and by cost. It’s difficult to optimise using resources for the cleaners – and that’s were we can help them,” says Marviala and emphasizes that the field is also challenging for the consumers to perceive.

“I wish through Freska we can take home cleaning services to the next level, since it’s one of those fields that hasn’t gone yet from offline to online. We want to create a win-win solution for our customers and cleaners.”


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