BusinessOulu and Nestholma launch an accelerator in Oulu

    The B2B focused three-month long accelerator starts in September.

    Nestholma lands this time in Oulu to start an accelerator with BusinessOulu

    Oulu, branded as the Northern capital of Scandinavia, gets its first B2B accelerator as BusinessOulu and Nestholma bring together their knowledge and networks to launch a three-month program for corporates and startups. The companies can present their ideas in various fields such as in health and wellness, smart city and home, banking and insurance, cleantech, IoT or industrial internet.

    The application period deadline is on the 20th of August and the accelerator starts in September 2015.

    The accelerator takes advantage of Nestholma’s venture accelerator model that has been developed to help startups and large corporations to work together. The aim of the program is to help to in building a new type of ecosystem in Oulu where large and small companies can build international success stories together.

    “It’s great to see this accelerator model to come to Oulu. The B2B collaboration will speed up the creation of new fundable innovations and businesses in Oulu. The collaboration with startups will benefit the established companies as it will help them to find new business and partnership opportunities,” says Juha Ala-Mursula, the Director of BusinessOulu.

    Nestholma has previously created accelerators in Finland with organizations such as Elisa, Nordea and Yle.