MAZHR enters the Box

    The very selective Black Box Connect program in Silicon Valley will host for the first time a Finnish company, M2Talent Oy.

    MAZHR is a service for job-hunting and career planning

    M2Talent Oy is a Finnish startup company that has developed the mobile job seeking service MAZHR, “a job seeker’s Tinder”.

    In this already competitive market, with companies such as Switch or nspHire, it seems complicated to become the big fish. The simple, yet particularly difference between MAZHR and its competitor, is the focus. While most of them focus on the hirer, the Finnish startup focuses on the job seeker – creating a precise profile which will help him to attract the companies.

    To be built from scratch as a global product, was the key to MAZHR for entering the Black Box Connect program. This two-week, residential program designed to immerse international startup founders in the Silicon Valley culture, creates a foundation of knowledge and access to the expertise startups need to expand their vision and scale globally.

    “I’m really looking forward to find the best resources and connections in the Silicon Valley,” says Mikko Armila, the COO of M2Talent OY. With having 20 years of experience in companies such as Watch, Gillette or Sulake, his vision is to develop MAZHR in the same processing ways like Supercell does: working closely with their customer base, handling their feedback, improving constantly – And testing again until the product is perfect.

    As the first Finnish startup in this program, this is for Armila “an opportunity to get to the core of Silicon Valley and its community. Through the Black Box Connect program and their network, we look to get diverse professional advice in creating a global service and to meet potential new investors.”

    One of the slogan of MAZHR is “Get Found. Find. Be Valued”, so it seems that M2Talent Oy is living through their own advices.