Fashion Platform from Denmark kicks off with $400,000 in Angel Capital

You might want to think carefully whether you introduce the following start up to any female acquaintances of yours, as no matter how good your intentions might be, they, including their wallets, might not know how to handle such a concentration of fashion.

Jokes aside, Denmark-based THE FASHION really is a platform that attires ladies from all ends of the fashion scale, making it for many a potential source of viceful hedonism. The platforms repertoire considers no less than over 600 worldly renowned brands which collectively offer website visitors millions of fashion products to choose from.

With thousands of brands and stores, the online fashion industry is fragmented and competitive like never before. For the shoppers this poses a problem: Navigating through all these outlets to find just the right thing can be frustrating and time-consuming.

THE FASHION aims to end this by becoming the one-stop destination for online fashion findings and providing the effective tools to complete the search. Their features allow users to compare a number of factors between products, including prices, sizes and shipping costs among other things and users may also flag products so that they receive email notifications whenever said product goes on sale. Additionally, users can create shareable wish lists of desired products and follow favourite brands and get personalized feed of latests products.

In a way, THE FASHION is like the Facebook for fashion with the exception that instead of real friends you befriend fashion labels and clothing. Instead of profile pictures you see dresses and shoes (with pricetags) and instead of statuses you can browse through the editor’s picks, which are blog like round-ups of clothing revolving around a specific theme. When it comes to contributing, you wont have to worry about it, since all you need to do is type in your credit card number and voilà! Lots of likes, plus you get a shipment of fashion straight to your door.

Copenhagen and London-based THE FASHION is backed by Rainmaking and began in beta in February after raising $400,000 of angel investment. It opened to the public in June and between February and now, the company has grown traffic to more than 80.000 users per month.

The concept of the platform is exactly what claims to be: Minimal, effective and broad in terms of merchandise. A little digging in reveals not every piece of clothing in THE FASHION is within the £150-£300 range, which is also nice, but I suppose there’s plenty enough in that category to make it a financially dangerous place to spent too much time in.