EasyBring wins lawsuits, renames company anyway

What had started off as a new and hopeful business running a delivery platform soon came face to face with the relentlessness of the corporate world. We’re talking, of course, about social delivery service EasyBring who, instead of fully running a business, found themselves exhausting their energy and resources in Norwegian courthouses, battling against trademark lawsuits from easyGroup and Norway Post. But that is no more.

Last month EasyBring decided – and perhaps wisely so – that they were wasting their time fighting against stubborn yet financially resourceful corporations, which led to the decision of rebranding the company name entirely.

Today EasyBring will cease to be (though the rights for the company name basically remain intact) and social delivery can from now on be completed using Nimber. The newly baptized Nimber can finally kiss goodbye to the stale courtrooms full of boring lawyers and focus on readying the company for the next phase of its international rollout.

“A recent legal victory against easyGroup confirms our position and right”, says Nimber CEO Ari Kestin, “but we know from a similar victory against Norway Post that big corporations have endless resources to appeal, and we prefer to use our existing — and spare — capacity on our community. Time to do what’s smart, not only what’s right”, continues Kestin.

Last week, easyGroup lost an appeal regarding ownership of the word ‘easy’. Some months ago, Norway Post succeeded in overturning a decision by Norway’s Patent office that rejected their claimed ownership of the verb ‘bring’. However, the brand change does not diminish the company’s rights to the name Easybring.

Nimber helps get packages to your door, by matching up people who are driving close to your package’s destination anyway.

“Nimber is now ready to solve the world’s delivery needs by utilizing every movement”, says Kestin. “A new chapter has begun, and we can now focus 100 percent on making our vision a reality for all”.