New Social Network Socialmist combines elements from Twitter, Vine and Soundcloud

N.W.A. used to rap about expressing yourself in the late 80’s and to be honest it would seem the only thing that’s changed around the subject are the rappers. Now instead of cold blooded hoodrats we’re encouraged to use our power of expression by a multitude of social app companies, Socialmist being among the latest ones to do so.

Thing is, when you think about social media, there’s only so much expression you can put into a limited text space, a single image or a 15 second long audio/videoclip for that matter, but when you start combining those together you pretty much exponentialize the boundaries within which you can play around. Therefore a tool combining multimedia together in the right format and amount could blow the bank with a sensational velocity, Vine, WhatsApp, Instagram and even Tinder being good examples of such cases.

Swedish social app Socialmist shares the same table with the other aforementioned apps, but it stands out by combining elements from nearly every single one of them.

As a Socialmist user you can record 15 second long videos, or alternatively import the clip from personal files, with the possibility of editing that clip via the app. The video could also be replaced by a captured picture or an uploaded image of your choice with equal editing possibilities. Your chosen content is then supplemented with a text of no longer than 200 characters that incorporates user tagging and hashtag functionalities within posts and comment posts.

The last stage before finalizing a full-blown Socialmist post is to attach music to the above features. The Soundcloud powered music integration boosts the emotional value of the content it covers but on top of that users can actually browse for music just like they could in Soundscloud itself, making the whole app something of a social add-on to audiophiles active in the Soundcloud community. However, Socialmist has it’s very own community called “the Mist” where similarly to Soundcloud, users can find posts of the people they follow and they are able to see trending people, photos, videos and hashtags.

In a way you could see Socialmist as a child of Twitter, Soundcloud and Vine.

Though the idea seems cool, it took the company three long years to convince investors to think alike. Now it would seem they’ve convinced quite a few investors to financially back their expansion: the company claims it has raised over SEK10 000 000 (around €1 million) from international investors within the last year alone.

The app, which has been announced for iOS and Android, has not been fully released yet. Final tests are being run before the full iOS version release while the Android version is still undergoing Beta testing (for which you can subscribe from here).