Facebook To Bring Video Chat Features, Thanks To Skype!

    facebook-skypeFacebook is one of the biggest online destinations people use globally. Facebook itself has been very careful not to let go of these people too easily. People are extremely engaged with the service and all new features they add, are built around this view. Video chat is no exception. We have been hearing reports of a possibility of Facebook video chat coming soon in partnership with Skype.

    The video chat feature isn’t a completely new thing and we’ve seen reports since last year. If I recall correctly there was a report a couple of months back of a certain Facebook users seeing the camera on the chat box, while this never made out to the public.

    Together Facebook and Skype have a lot to offer to the online community, both have over 600 million users and Skype already has certain Facebook functions integrated into its platform. It will be quite a useful integration and one that can readily be considered as Facebook’s answer to what features Google or Apple already offers its users with.

    The social network has been making rapid progress with introducing new features and ensuring that it has more to offer its users. The obvious point is to keep them tied to Facebook and keep them from using other services. Early on, they introduced the chat feature. As an addition to this, the whole messaging experience was revamped together with the integration of the username into a Facebook e-mail address.

    It would definitely be nice to have the video chat available. Though in my personal opinion I wouldn’t want a browser based client for this.