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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

ArcticStartup is celebrating its 15th birthday!

We’ve reached another milestone in ArcticStartup history. Exactly 15 years ago today, we published our first news “Aito Technologies secures financing from Conor Venture Partners” on September 20, 2007. Our baby steps became more firmly grounded day by day. We still have a long way to go like a 15-year-old teenager, but we have already grown and flourished and we have witnessed many of them grow in this process.

Not only as a media company but also with the events we organized, we mediated thousands of them while they were building our future in the light of their new technologies. As we are moving towards adulthood in business, we will continue to support them with media and events in line with the emerging needs of the sectors.

ArcticstartupMany valuable names along the way helped ArcticStartup grow. Company founders, managers, writers, technical team, sales department, our teammates who work hard at our events and of course the investors who do not give up believing us… Sincere thanks to everyone who has brought ArcticStartup to where it is today.

ArcticStartup Events is bringing the world closer to the next big thing

We will continue to benefit more and more from the digital world, thanks to new technologies and investors who are the life support units of these technologies. However, unless sufficient conditions are created for these two to meet and an effort is made for this purpose, successful initiatives may not find enough support to survive. This is where the importance of media and events comes into play. As ArcticStartup Media, we publish investment news and some important developments in the startup ecosystem from the Nordic and Baltic regions as free of charge. In addition, with ArcticStartup Events, we managed to be a major connection point of these two important components, namely the startup and the investor.

ArcticStartup, Arctic15
Arctic15 Helsinki Startup Conference 2022, Photo by Valorama

With thousands of participants from more than 60 countries, around 26 thousand one-to-one meetings were organized in more than 70 events of ours that surpassed the success of the previous one every year. 12 of these events are Arctic15 events. Apart from that, Santa’s Christmas Pitch, TONIC, NORDEEP Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit and Inew events on the way, which you will soon hear about them. We are also starting our workshops with the “Land your dream job” side event we organized for the NORDEEP Summit, which will bring together Nordic deep tech community members in October 11-12.

We are building a brand new community for the Nordic deep tech ecosystem

NORDEEP Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit will be held for the first time in October 11-12 in Dipoli, Aalto University. We would like to keep them stayed together through Nordic Deep Tech Community after the event. That’s why we are building a whole new platform for this purpose. Nordic Deep Tech Community and its events will unlock massive potential for deep tech in the New Nordics by empowering the ecosystem and its stakeholders. Stay tuned!

NORDEEP, Nordic Deep Tech Business Summit 2022

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Nurcin Metingil
Nurcin Metingil
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