Aito Technologies secures financing from Conor Venture Partners

Aito technologies secures financing from Conor Venture Partners. Conor Venture Partners have recently taken Mr Jari Mieskonen aboard to become a Managing Partner. Mr Mieskonen has also joined the Board of Directors in Aito with the investment. The amount invested is not disclosed, but it will help Aito in the product development and market growth (PressRelease_070821_Aito).

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More about Aito Technologies Oy

Vellamonkatu 30, 00550 Helsinki, Finland

Aito Technologies is founded to find answers to customer experience management challenges of mobile operators and service providers: how to collect, measure and analyze customer experience information, how to understand the impact of end-user behavior on service offering, rating and pricing, sales and marketing and investments, and how to react on results. Aito’s solution collects and analyzes data on the experience of individual end-users and user groups, and corrects automatically business-critical network events that cause operators lost revenue, increased operations costs or low service quality.

No products have been launched yet, but according to their website – products will be launched in the coming months.