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10 Billion Ads Per Month Makes Rovio The Largest Ad Publisher. Really?

10 billion mobile ad impressions a month is a huge number of ads served across mobile platforms. It’s hard to believe,  but Rovio has claimed to be the largest mobile ad publisher of the world– which includes beating Google, which has its ads running on all mobile applications and search results. It’s impressive but tough to digest.

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Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds has already invaded all known platforms like Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Chrome browser and so on. It currently boasts 500 million downloads on all the available platforms, which makes the claim of 10 billon ad impressions a month believable. Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Marketing Officer of Rovio has been very vocal about this and even voicing plans on creating a new advertising method. We saw this happen with the release of Angry Birds Rio campaign that acted as a massive promotion for Rio the movie.Vesterbacka stated:

We have bigger distribution than any broadcaster, we can distribute our videos through the game immediately and globally. We don’t have to think about any time windows or geographic-like windows, any restrictions. We can distribute everywhere right away, and that’s how we like doing things.

Google hasn’t commented on this, and while I would personally doubt the statement of Peter Vesterbacka, the CMO was pretty confident in claiming “we are the largest mobile ad publisher on the planet”.

Also at the IGNITION conference, Vesterbacka highlighted that Rovio has huge plans for 2012. The CMO is actually eyeing to go past Disney’s current $60 Billion valuation in the next 5 to 10 years, with their current valuation being at $2.5 billion. Given the exponential growth of the brand, Angry Birds could make that target easy in the given time bracket. Not only has the company generated revenue and the numbers in downloads of the Angry Birds, they have gone from being 12 people last year to 200 people with expectations of having 600+ employees by the end of next year. All this depends on where Rovio opens up its offices and how far and wide it expands. Vesterbacka also hinted at opening offices in New York and San Francisco in the same interview.

They have the numbers by their side, the growth, trust of the investors and almost everything else in their favor, so we expect a lot more happening at Rovio in 2012.

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