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Foodie.Fm To Launch Worldwide At Le Web

The beta of Foodie.fm is already running in Finland and the UK, but yesterday TechCrunch reported that Foodie.fm will be launching in all countries at LeWeb this year. The service provides recipes which you can save in the app, which in turn will give you a shopping list to use at the store. Foodie.fm also has a deal with the S Group in Finland, so it gives you the prices of items on your shopping list as well. In UK Foodie.fm product assortment is linked to Tesco.com through their API.

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Foodie.fm also learns the eating habits of its users to suggest recipes and grocery items that match the user’s “taste profile.” It can also keep in mind your personal preferences, like food allergies and budget restrictions.  All in all, it’s a handier system than a separate shopping list, recipe book, and budgeting app, which is why it will likely do well in any market it opens up in.

While in Paris, Foodie.fm is also running a service for Le Web attendees called Le Foodie, an online concierge service to help attendees enjoy the best food experience while in Paris. It’s basically a Twitter food-question answering service with a parisian blogger, Lost in Cheeseland. If you’re at Le Web, you can tweet @foodie_fm with hashtag #lefoodie to get your own recommendations.

I, for one, hope that our Antti Vilpponen does not use this service, and eats only average food like the rest of the ArcticStartup staff that did not fly off to Paris. But maybe I’ll cook something nice tonight with a recipe recommendation from Foodie.fm

Foodie.FM is a part of the Finnish Vigo accelerators.

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