Nokia Announces In-App Purchasing For The Asha 303

For developers, having as many payment models as possible gives better flexibility for your app’s business plan. This is especially important when targeting the frontier of new untapped markets, such as those where the affordable Nokia Asha 303 is expected to expected to be popular. Nokia just announced that they are now supporting in app purchasing for the Asha 303, which is the first for the Series 40 platform.

In app purchasing allows developers to offer add-ons, new levels, virtual goods, and even upgrades from within their app. Through Nokia’s new process, you’re able to tap into credit card and operator payment flows, and access to Nokia’s 130+ operator billing integrations.

Developers can support in-app purchasing by tapping into a few API calls without having to worry about payment processing. The revenue split is the same as through the Nokia store.

Developers for Series 40 can start integrating In-App Purchasing into their applications for the Nokia Asha 303 today, as part of the In-App purchase for Series 40 beta program. The program is designed to ramp up In-App Purchasing development in line with the launch and shipping date of the Nokia Asha 303. You can find more about the process here.