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The Zayed Sustainability Prize’s Health Winner GLOBHE is Saving Lives with Drones

With a network of drone operators in over 108 countries, GLOBHE is collecting high-resolution earth observation data globally –  which helps businesses, organizations and researchers understand the world and take action.

GLOBHE’s drones gather data 30 times faster than cars can, are cheap to operate, and provide significantly higher resolution than satellite images. The Swedish SaaS platform uses drones through a network of local drone operators to detect global health outbreaks in 28 countries by using the captured imagery and AI. To date, GLOBHE has reduced the risk of malaria for 1.9 million people, reduced the risk of water pollution for 2.3 million people, and increase access to clean energy for 1.2 million people with this technology.

Through their high-resolution images of Earth,  GLOBHE is providing health workers with critical ready-to-analyse data. Such data has been used to identify malaria mosquito breeding sites in Malawi, and to update the country’s population count to help government officials determine the number of cholera vaccines that will be needed.

Their services have also been used to identify risk zones such as water and sanitation sources as well as identifying access to health centres. This type of information is key for governments, healthcare centres, and aid relief organisations to properly plan and respond to pandemics.

With the aim of rewarding small- to medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organisations who are, at their core, working to build a better, more sustainable world, the Zayd Sustainability Prize recognised the positive impact that GLOBHE is making in the healthcare space.

Zayed Sustainability Prize, GLOBHE
ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – January 13, 2020: HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates (L), presents an award to a representative from ‘Globhe’, the winners of the Zayed Sustainability Prize for Health. (Zayed Sustainability Prize)

After winning the Zayed Sustainability Prize, GLOBHE used the funds to fine tune its technological development and scale up operations. They updated their Crowddroning platform to enable for automation and scaling to a higher degree, which in turn will allow them to assist in the prevention and response of future disasters and outbreaks more efficiently.

This sustainable solution is creating hope for communities to better help them cope with various health risks, while also powering the global gig economy by providing paid freelance gigs and knowledge transfer to local drone operators around the world. In 2020, and despite the global pandemic, GLOBHE’s global community engagements continued through virtual training opportunities to ensure the continuity of the learning process to empower individuals and save lives.

Moving forward, GLOBHE will continue to gradually scale its cloud platform for essential healthcare data and emergency response to additional countries, in addition to opening up to other industries and help mitigate the effects of climate change. Today, the platform connects 5,775 drones in 108 countries, collecting drone data-on-demand for end-users, such as government authorities, humanitarian organisations, and corporations, with the goal of detecting and predicting disasters, and helping them understand the world and take action when needed.

Accelerating the development of tangible solutions that have a real, positive impact on the world is the mission of the Zayed Sustainability Prize. The Prize is about more than rewarding sustainability innovations – it’s a continuation of the UAE Founding Father Sheikh Zayed’s humanitarian and environmental legacy, and the UAE’s commitment to turning his legacy into concrete actions throughout the globe.

We invite all sustainability pioneers, who, like GLOBHE, are leveraging technological innovations to drive a more sustainable world to apply today for the 2023 Zayed Sustainability Prize. Nonprofit organisations, small and medium sized enterprises, and high schools with impactful, innovative and inspiring sustainable solutions across the categories of Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools, can submit their entries until July 6, 2022.  Winners will be announced at the 2023 Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards Ceremony on January 16, 2023 as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

For more information on how to apply, please visit zayedsustainabilityprize.com.

Jan Ameri
Jan Ameri
Entrepreneur-by-heart – and by actions since 1998. Being an expert in spotting new opportunities and creating new concepts, Jan has been a partner or co-founder in seven different companies in various industries. In the early 2000’s he was pioneering some of the very first WAP, SMS, and interactive TV based wireless games and fantasy sports games in the Nordic countries. Jan loves to watch Shark Tank and The Profit in his free time. And he is an FC Barcelona fan.

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