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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Swedish MedTech secured €3.2M Series B for its self-sampling device

Stockholm-headquartered MedTech startup Capitainer has raised 3.2 million euros (MSEK 34) in a Series B round led by Sciety, the investment syndicate with its focus on Swedish life science. The funding will be put into use for the commercialization and development of its product. The MedTech startup is trying to make healthcare diagnostics easily accessible for everyone with its self-sampling device based on blood or plasma.

Capitainer raises additional SEK34 million to meet the increasing demand for home-sampling solutions

Swedish medtech start-up Capitainer announced that it has closed a share issue of SEK34 million to capitalise on growing interest in home-sampling with its new qDBS dried blood spot testing system. The investment round, led by Sciety, brought in both existing and new industry specialist investors and several board members and the CEO.

Capitainer, Ernst WestmanErnst Westman, Capitainer Chairman commented: “Once again we are delighted to have secured such strong support from experienced medtech and diagnostics industry investors. COVID-19 presented us with an unexpected obstacle, but also a welcomed opportunity to prove the utility of our products.

This success has generated unprecedented interest worldwide and the new funding will enable us to accelerate both our product development and commercialisation efforts.”

Capitainer, Christopher AulinChristopher Aulin, CEO added: “Our home-sampling products have generated interest across the whole spectrum of diagnostic testing. From drugs of abuse to metabolic disorders, we are being contacted by leading specialists in Europe and the US interested in exploring different applications for qDBS.

However, this is only half the story, as we will also use this new funding to accelerate our product development to broaden our product platform to include plasma and urine sample collection.”

Capitainer has now firmly established that the home sampling system works for clinical use, with an impressive success rate with first time users. Patients can use Capitainer’s qDBS system to collect their own blood sample for diagnostic testing as a dried blood spot in the privacy of their home. The patented technology ensures exact sample volumes of 10µl with low CV, independent of haematocrit. Patients simply apply one drop of capillary blood from a finger prick to the inlet port on the qDBS card which automatically fills a microchannel with the required amount and discards any excess.

The potential for human error is thus significantly reduced. Subsequently, the blood volume contained in the microchannel automatically transfers to the specimen collection disc, forming a high-quality dried blood spot sample, preserved for quantitative bioanalysis. The filled card can then be safely transported to the point of testing without the need for refrigeration or specialised packaging.

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