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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Ympact releases mini-documentary on Helsinki's startup scene

Remember a couple of video guys in blue hoodies running around Slush and their related events? Ympact was on their first stop in Helsinki to produce a startup documentary to tell the story of startup founders and ecosystem builders. The goal of their project, after touring a few more cities, is to help push young generations into becoming entrepreneurs.

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Here’s their Helsinki video:

Yours truly is also interviewed in the piece, slightly hungover, hungry, and drained at the end of the second day of Slush. So man, if you think I can’t string together 3 words to make a sentence there, just think about the outtakes.

We’ll have to keep up with Ympact to see what’s going on in the rest of Europe – it would be good to see a top-down view of what’s happening in the rest of Europe. Ympact will soon also be releasing videos on London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Milan.

Ympact says they’re planning to visit more cities to expand the project globally. So if you know some other town where Ympact should visit, get in touch with them though their website.

The teaser video to the whole series can be found here:

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