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Rotten Wifi launches on iOS

Rotten Wifi, a new app from Lithuania, has some grand aims to grade and publicly shame all poor wifi networks around the world. It launched on iOS today and there are plans for Android and web versions to be out next month as well.

Founders Arturas Jonkus and Paulius Lazauskas seem to have had enough of trying to work with poor wifi networks at hotels, airports and conferences. Crowdsourcing information though Rotten Wifi seems to be way for them to get revenge for all the times they’ve suffered from lag, slow speeds and dropped networks.

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You connect to a network, perform a speed test, rate the quality and then have the ability to share the information over various social media platforms. Rotten Wifi use a basic 0-10 scoring system and every grading is saved and added to their worldwide list. So wherever you are you’ll be able to see how others have graded the various wifi networks and pick the best to connect to.

I’m not sure how useful the ability to share over social media is, but it’s a nice way to vent should you be stuck with a really poor connection. Although if the connection was that bad, would you even be able to post to Facebook or Twitter anyway?

Apparently there’ll also be a continually updated list of emoticons available to further express your frustration with poor wifi as well.

The whole service will rely on building a strong user base to give information and ratings for the millions of wifi networks out there. As it has just launched there won’t be much information in the service yet, but if ranting about wifi, or warning others of bad networks is something you like, then perhaps this could be a fun app for you, until roaming charges are finally dropped in Europe.

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