Yandex Money Enables Bank Card Integration

    Yandex.MoneyRussia’s largest online payment system, Yandex.Money announced the integration of Bank Cards into users’ existing Yandex.Money accounts. This integration would enable users to make payments with their cards and not actually giving away details, which often raises the issue of trust. Of course other than relieving users of the trouble when it comes to typing the card keys.

    Users can simply link their card information to their existing Yandex.Money account and start making online payments. Yandex.Money takes care of ensuring a safe and secure transaction from your bank account and the integration is acceptable for all cards issued by banks in Russia. The idea to bring along this integration comes forth because almost all transactions that include bank cards are cash withdrawals. Meaning payments made this way are tiresome and all this is done just to make secure virtual payments. The problem is simply with trust as no one would want to share their card information on the numerous shopping sites.

    With the inclusion of Yandex.Money in the process, users can make payments by simply mentioning the CVV/CVC code at the back side of their card. The rest of the information is already their with Yandex.Money to ensure payments on any site without you putting in details that you would otherwise avoid.

    Yandex.Money will also ease the task of making payments for their TV, telephone and other subscriptions by enabling users to pay for the bills using the service. I personally think that such integrations ease a lot of things associated to trust when it comes to payments online. Yandex.Money is the largest online payment system in Russia and it won’t just partner with any site without actually ensuring it has everything to be trusted for. And with more stores and shops online partnering with Yandex.Money, users don’t really have to worry about finding out whether a site is trustworthy or not.