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WiMP Brings Music Streaming Service To Sweden

WiMPWiMP, Scandinavia’s latest music streaming service will open itself to the Swedish users,  beginning March 3rd. This would allow users to signup for the service for 30 days to listen to free music. The service will offer users a quick and easy way to access a countless songs in its archive and has been specifically customized to cater to the Swedish music lovers.

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The idea is to offer a service that keeps users updated on the latest news and happenings in the Swedish music scene. The service is of course not limited to Sweden and operates in Denmark and Norway already and adding the local flavor will help the service achieve higher penetration in the local music scene. WiMP relies heavily on its local editors who help select and recommend songs, artists, etc as well as creating playlists that can readily be accessible to music lovers and cater to their taste.

The service is free to try initially for 30 days. However Aspiro’s distribution partner Telenor has extended the period to 60 days for exclusively for their customers. The service would cost 99 Kronor a month, which I think is good enough. The reason being simply that the artists need to have their bit of share on having their songs streamed over the Internet over computers as well as mobile devices. It thus helps add sustainability to the industry itself and does not have the record labels and artists in the loss situation.

Secondly, such a model helps encourage new artists put up their music content online as well and while they might not have big labels supporting their records, but with a bit of intelligence behind music streaming services it actually helps promote music by all means. A lot of credit goes to Aspiro enjoys being the only supplier to provide streaming services for television and music partners added to over a decade long experience in mobile technology and retail.

WiMP has a lot to offer to digital music market not just in Northern Europe but globally as well. But since it is more about the particular region, Sweden has seen an immense rise in the category recently. With Swedish artists looking for more venues to share their content and music lovers intrigued by the idea of having to listen to quality music without being under the “illegal cloud” WiMP has struck the cords at the right time.

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