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Just within four active years, Zadaa has become one of the major leagues in the Finnish startup community. Zadaa offers service of selling and buying clothes between their customers. The app connects pickup points to logistic companies before they are shipped by the major delivery company. In other words, Zadaa is a C2C company. Zadaa app can be considered as an online flea market for second-hand fashion products. Additionally, the app connects people with a similar style and size. In 2018, Zadaa raised 2.3 million euros to expand to Germany, France and UK.

As Iiro Kormi, Zadaa’s CEO and Co-founder said: “Our planet doesn’t need new clothes and shoes”. Zadaa App helps us have an environmentally friendly, fashionable life. In addition, the app is also privacy guaranteed with multiple delivery methods and an easy selling-buying process.

How does Zadaa expand so fast? There are many answers to this question. However, one of them would be the way Zadaa app is collaborating with marketing influencers. With the explosion of digital era, marketing influencers now are not just celebrities anymore. They are social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, who have expertise, credibility, a community to engage, and most importantly: they genuinely love and believe in your products. They will represent and talk about your brand positively.

If you ever check Zadaa app’s Instagram page, you can see that they are featured by multiple influencers, with various styles, shapes & sizes. How exactly are these marketing influencers help Zadaa app to build their brand and expand?

Marketing influencers humanize the app. Zadaa app can be considered as an online flea market, therefore, they need visible products, visible purchasing process. Influencers put human faces on the app. Think about when you go to a flea market and you see the sellers wear their products, which is so much different from a mannequin wearing it. The same logic applies to influencers. They don’t just post pictures of their products on the Zadaa app, they create content with the products in real activity concept for their social media as well.

Let’s take a look at some Instagram influencers of Zadaa app View this post on Instagram

Weekend almost done and time to think what to wear to work tomorrow ? There’s a work outfit post now on the blog! ??‍♀️ What are you going to wear? ? . Top and pants #gifted by @sti_collection and earrings by @annettetillander ?

A post shared by Pinja’s Blog (@pinjaandtheboys) on Aug 18, 2019 at 10:00am PDT

Pinja is a blogger from Finland, who is writing about the most up-to-date trends in beauty, style, lifestyle. Her Instagram account, Pinja and the boys, has around 3,600 followers. With the image of a successful businesswoman mother, she creates a personal connection to different audiences through her Instagram, her blog and her advice. She is also an active influencer with Zadaa, as she creates a huge amount of content with products for Zadaa App.

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Dreaming of the week off next week ?

A post shared by Johanna – rock chic blogger (@silvertigo) on Aug 22, 2019 at 10:43am PDT

Another influencer is Johanna Lagerroos is a fashion and beauty influencer from Tampere, Finland. Her Instagram account is silvertigo, which has around 5,300 followers. She has the image of a cool badass rock and roll woman. In both her blog and Instagram account, she suggests a new trend of make-up supplies, make-up styles as well as outfit.

What do we see from these influencers?

They are real! Of course, we are attracted to their styles, tips, and insights. Moreover, it is about the personal connection, human touch between audiences and influencers. With their contents, we see them full of life and energy. Additionally, we see their products in action. The online market now has the same function and emotion as a real-life market.

Marketing influencers engage with Zadaa future customers. Crowd psychologically, people follow a crowd and whoever leads the crowd. Influencers’ community is the crowd that Zadaa needs and influencers themselves are the leaders. People do not doubt the crowd’s opinion as much as individuals, which makes them willing to try new products more. That’s why startups require influencers who create sincere and compelling content. Influencers can be considered as your unofficial customer service. The difference is that they are more related to customers.

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Moi!Olisko nyt hyvä shoppailuhetki?? Käykää katsomassa mun kirppistä käyttäen @zadaa_app sovellusta. Suora linkki löytyy mun biosta⤴️ ⠀ Ja oikeastaan voin sanoa, että mun kirppis on kuin puoliksi butiikkikauppa. Myyn siellä tosi paljon myös uusia ja käyttämättömiä tavaroita! Esimerkiksi tämä kuvassa oleva mekko. Se oli päälläni vain kerran, ja sekin silloin, kun otin kuvia siinä? Se on aivan upea, mutta mulla ei vaan ole tilaisuuksia, joissa voisin käyttää sitä. ⠀ Ja jos sä tykkäät etsiä kivoja vaatteita pienillä hinnoilla, niin käykää seuraamassa mun profiili @kirppis_inspiiri! ⠀ Ja myyttekö te omia vaatteita vai kasaattekste niitä vain kaapissa? Jos teilläkin on Zadaassa oma pikkukauppa niin jakakaa se kommenteissa⤵️ #notsponsored

A post shared by ↟ NATALIA | FINLAND (@natalia_inspiiri) on May 10, 2019 at 1:07am PDT

Natalia’s Instagram account has 23,2k followers, which made her a potential Instagram influencer. Her contents target young people with modern fashionable styles, gorgeous make-up with traveling features. Additionally, she is also an active Zadaa user with her own boutique store on Zadaa app. She’s got huge numbers of likes, comments and she engages with her community frequently. She also creates dissimilar types of content, featuring products she wants to put on her online boutique. It needs mentioning that she directly puts Zadaa app’s link on her 23,2k Instagram account, which means Zadaa feature has been exposed to that amount of potential customers.

Marketing influencers bring good Word of Mouth. They walk along with the startup branding process in the long run. They don’t just share their positive opinions, they share their belief in your products and services. Customers tend towards believing more in a suggestion of previous users than a salesperson.

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Wet look ? Photo: @santeristenvall

A post shared by C R I ST A R E PO (@crista_repo) on Aug 9, 2019 at 9:58am PDT

Crista Repo is the owner of Instagram account crista_repo, which has 14,6k followers. She is also the founder of CR studio in 2013, London. The studio provides services in visual communication, specializing in fashion marketing and image-making. Her Instagram is more artistic toward fashion and product marketing. She also works with many other influencers and celebrities in Finland and internationally. Crista is a good example of influencers with professional insight. Her endorsement for Zadaa is a great deal for the company as well as potential customers. It does not just end there, her contents featuring with Zadaa hashtag are also toward artistic creativity, which is different from other influencers. That shows product diversity from Zadaa App.

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Hei, mitä jos sujauttaisit tänään jalkaan kaikken söpöimmät kenkäsi? ? #pompomshoes #lofers #loferlove #shoeoftheday #summershoes #saturday #style #shoeinspo #2ndhandstyle

A post shared by Style, Beauty & Family Blogger (@iinamou) on Aug 17, 2019 at 4:35am PDT

Instagram account iinamou has around 6,400 followers, which was created by Iina Moukola, a 32-year-old blogger from Tampere, Finland. Instead of becoming a chemist in a criminal laboratory, Iina decided to follow her writing dream. Her articles are mainly focused on lifestyle, beauty, and family. After 12 years of running her blog, she is now an ambassador of Kevin Murphy in Finland and the Chief Communications Officer for Zadaa. Iina focuses more on blogging activity, which means she spreads Word of Mouth with her actual words! In a way, it is a clear, straight forward suggestion for new customers who are still wondering about their choices.

Zadaa is one example for many startup brands which are getting more and more successful by collaboration with marketing influencers. Zadaa’s success is not only an achievement for the brand, but also an encouragement for our startup community to keep working, keep connecting and keep achieving. We got inspired! What about you?

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Quan Duong-Helko is a marketing student majored in Digital and Strategic Marketing with previous research about Crowd Psychology in Marketing. At the moment, he focuses mainly on Marketing in Technology field.

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