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One Minute Startup News: Zadaa

Amazing news from fashion tech, where Finnish company Zadaa aims to revolutionize the logistics in fashion industry with its new Zadaa Package.

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What the company does is that is connects various pickup spots from different logistics companies to one major worldwide delivery network. The network enables packages to be delivered from e.g. store to store in less than a week. The network is set up in collaboration with DHL Express and Postnord among others.

Here’s how it works: Zadaa Package deliveries are shipped from seller to buyer with a unique code. This way, you as a seller avoid having to share delivery addresses or other personal information.

Through Zadaa, over 150 000 Danish and Finnish consumers have sold clothes and accessories for over 2 million euros in 2017, and with this new system they will now be able to exclusively make cross-country sales and purchases.

The CEO of the company, Iiro Kormi told us that Zadaa plans to connect wardrobes around the world in the next five years and create a large universal shopping portal, where everyone can sell from their own boutiques using a fast and reliable logistics system.


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Valerie Vlasenko
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