What The Customer Thinks Matter

    We often think about the bad experiences, but when this small local brewery serves you a refreshing pint of home-made beer at the perfect temperature, you might want to leave a positive feedback.

    You had, until now, few options: Getting home to your computer, create a profile on TripAdvisor and trying to find the bar you went or spreading the word to your friends. But does the owner of the shop really profit from this feedback?

    Finnish Startup Gizlo launched an app which allows you to give direct feedback from your mobile phone. Helping to improve a place becomes really easy: open the app, select the place you just visited and give your comments about your experience. The simplicity of the concept seems to work pretty well as it has been used for feedback over 100 000 times in Finland and 50 000 times in its other test market, the UK.

    For business owners, getting a direct way to be contacted by the customers improves the way they can interact with you. “Your customers feel valued when you reply to their feedback – no matter what they wanted to share with you. No-one is perfect – and your customers understand it as well. That is why each interaction increases both loyalty and satisfaction.” says Kalle Ek, the CEO of the company.

    Gizlo is now raising it first round of seed funding to build on its 600 000 euro early investment from Finnish serial entrepreneurs, VC’s and TEKES and aim to be one of the main actor in the feedback services, opening gradually the field of its app from restaurants and bar to hospital and public services.