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Heimo – Social Media For Life Challenges

Heimo is a mental well-being online community, where people can help each other.

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Many people face mental health issues, more than third of the world’s population, however many of them are afraid to seek help or don’t get help when needed. Health care system is quite powerless in these circumstances as it heavily relies on person reporting the issue when the said person cannot do so.

Introducing – Heimo

Heimo is a social network with a particular purpose. To help people tackle their life challenges by socializing with people who have experienced the same thing in their lives.

Heimo is an anonymous network and easy to use. It’s a community where people can meet one another in large groups without fear. Heimo uses the word tribe to describe groups. Anyone can create, join and maintain a tribe. Discussion topics are not limited, and the group can even be maintained by professional helper with a therapy group.

Heimo is doing a crowdfunding campaign and has already gathered over 30,000 euros.

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