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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

WalkMeHome Gives Peace Of Mind For The Walk Home

A new Android app being tested in Sweden is WalkMeHome, another player in the location-based safety field that provides peace of mind to those who feel threatened when walking home at night. The app provides a similar service to bSafe, a Norwegian app we covered last December, but I suppose the real innovations come down to the easiest user interface to use in a panicked situation. At its core, WalkMeHome allows users to click on a alert button to send a text message to your pre-designated “guardian angels”. The message includes a map of your current location, information about their current position, and your planned destination.

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The app also lets you call your guardian angels by clicking their icon or call emergency services by pressing and holding a SOS button.

The broad concept for the app has been knocking around entrepreneur Gustaf Hansson’s head for 11 years, and is the first product developed by Xh Mobile Solutions. The app is available for Android here, and Xh says they’re currently working on an iPhone and Windows Phone versions.

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