Ask.Fm Growing Steadily, Seeing 50 000 Registrations A Day

    This weekend we saw an update that suggests This Latvian website should have been on our radar long before this article. is a question asking and answering service that gives you the opportunity to ask and answer controversial questions anonymously. According to the company’s update on Angellist, Ask.FM, has announced it is hitting a sizable amount of traffic. Since its launch in June of 2010, the company has seen 14m absolute uniques, 78 million visits, and 780 million pageviews per month. New user registrations are also pouring in at over 50,000 registrations a day.

    The service is pretty straightforward– you can pose a question to a certain person or to all users, or you can answer any question that comes up on your feed. Questions seen on the site include, “what’s in your pockets,” “What country would you like to conquer,” and, “What did you buy today?”

    The company’s main competitor is Formspring, out of the US, yet offers a few good innovations. allows to record video using webcam and post it as answer to the question, and the service has been translated into 24 languages.