Updates from Latitude59 Day One

    We’ll be cranking out stories today, but we’re working remote from Latitude59, the conference vying to become the event bringing together the Baltic countries. The focus seems to be on putting experts on stage to discuss topics related to entrepreneurship, which is hopefully interesting to entrepreneurs. I’m looking forward to the pitches to see what the next exciting things are coming out of the Baltic countries.

    Jaan Tallinn kicked off the event with a well-put-together talk about the roots of Skype. It was filled with fun videos of Skype’s legendary parties, as well as shit hitting the fan when Skype went down for three days, and ended up knocking out a few ISPs along the way. The takeaway: have fun and enjoy life as you’re building your startup, as the world isn’t going to be changed in a good way by people that don’t enjoy life.

    The next panel discussion discussed expansion to the U.S., which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand it’s important to discuss because there’s a ton of knowledge and money in a big homogenous market, but man if it doesn’t seem like being this close to Russia – a huge growing and less saturated market.

    Now Colette Ballou is saying a few words about startup PR. Find her slides here:

    We’ll try keep up with updates!